Monday, October 6, 2014

Minecraft : Mutliverse

The ever-changing landscape of what is Minecraft is, in and of itself a model of the theory of the multiverse. The PC version has a seemingly unending supply of mods and skins to change the world in any number of ways from a minor change to tweak the inventory screen, to a vast overhaul enabling totally new crafting and gameplay.
It is fun looking for changes that allow the addition of your favorite things into your Minecraft world. Want Pok√©mon? They’re there. Looking for Super Mario? He’s there, too. Just want to simply change your avatar to look like Link from Zelda? You can do it . . . in fact I did.
The greatest thing, in my opinion, is that this has been pulled over – to a limited extent- to the console versions. I can get on my Xbox 360 and, for a nominal fee; I can combine my Minecraft world with Mass Effect, or Skyrim. The “Mashups” as they’re called, change the textures of the blocks to simulate the esthetics of the other games. Also, included are prebuilt images from them. This allows for an immersion into mashed up “alternate reality crafts” that you can let your imagination run wild in. Included with the mashups are sets of skins to make the experience more complete. Why build a Mass Effect world without the ability to run around as Shepard? These skins extend to simple sets that are released periodically, including: Marvel properties like The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spiderman; simple villagers, cooks, kings; and various random games from the Xbox Arcade and more.
The excitement of squishing together your favorite things with your favorite game is difficult to beat, especially when Dr. Who skins were released late in September, and if it can be beaten, hey – all the more fun for me.
                                                                                                - Whalicoco

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