Thursday, February 27, 2014

NEW CHARACTER: Leon the Green Wizard!

Greetings 3twins fans!

Today I'd like to show you a new character for our upcoming Wii U game: Of Mages & Pages.  This is Leon the Green Wizard.  If you watched any of our Midieville cartoon shorts, you may recall Leon being mentioned by name in the final installment of the Spellbook saga:  Here's a little teaser for you, the story discussed in that short plays a large role in the game!

This design comes from the game's Lead Animator, Michael Lude.  He is fast at work on designing all twelve wizards for the wizard council.  I will share them each with you as time goes on.  However, other than Marvin, Leon is the most important wizard in the game!

Stay warm and we'll see you in March!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

REDESIGN character concept: Anell

Welcome to February 3twins Fans!

Today we look at one of our most familiar characters, the Evil King Anell.  To the top right is an image of how he has looked in the cartoon Midieville thus far.  Below that is the initial concept sheet for his face drawn by Steve Surine (the original artist for Midieville) who is also the creator of Scotty in Hatman & Indigo (follow this link to see Steve's first comic he both wrote and drew).  Finally on the bottom right we have a brand new concept drawing of Anell as he will most likely appear in the Wii U game-Of Mages Pages: Teento's Revenge!

This new concept comes to us from our Lead Animator for the game's cut scenes, Michael Lude.  You may recall Michael from the pages of Hatman & Indigo (follow this link to see one of Michael's amazing artistic feats in the pages of Hatman).

That's all for this week!