Saturday, May 31, 2014

SECRET [Unfinished] Star Fetched Episode 2!!!!!

So, our most popular show is the one with the least published episodes.  Star Fetched is actually our oldest property with an early screenplay dating back to 1999.  We have tons of scripts for that show, but just haven't had the time to make more episodes.

BUT!!!! I stumbled upon an unfinished Episode 2 recently. Since we are working so hard on the game, we cannot realistically release any new comics or cartoons for the rest of the year.  In light of that, I thought I would be super duper nice and just let you all take a taste of the second episode of Star Fetched!

This only has rough blocking for the first couple scenes, then nothing but scene numbers. However, the audio was fully edited with sound effects and all.  So, enjoy, and don't say, I never gave you anything!


Thursday, May 29, 2014


Pinball was a wonderful pastime in days gone by. A sleek metal ball batted around by flippers and bumpers made wonderful sounds as the backboard racked up points. The lights were also a large part of the excitement, especially to a kid. I still love to play and miss the old mechanical monstrosities that used to be widely found in restaurants and various shops.
Pong was the first game I remember being able to play in the home on TV from an electronic device. There were no PC’s or any other devices with electronic interactive screens, just a television. In those days, computers were also monstrosities found in official buildings spitting out punch cards for various important matters. If anyone was using them for any sort of entertainment, they certainly weren’t sharing with the general population. I knew nothing of binary language, bits or bytes.
Pac Man showed up in a bowling alley near my home. It was amazing! I remember trying to make sense of what I saw, and the best I could come up with when relating it to people that hadn’t seen it was to describe it as a sort of cartoon you could control yourself. In retrospect and with all I’ve seen since, it really wasn’t that intricate. You used a joystick that only moved in a plus sign pattern, and Pac Man only moved in preset paths, but it was cool that the screen had wrap-around capability. From a non-digital background, it was almost magical at the time. Pinball machines were still there in the bowling alley as they would always be, or so I thought. Pong came and went when more exciting games came along in arcades, then the home. I can still play all the above games and many more on my own computers. What were the games that captured your imagination? Donkey Kong, anyone?
Recall your escape!
                                                                                                                        ~ Chuck

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Games That Tell A Story

Michael’s post on Monday left me feeling a bit nostalgic about my video game roots. I grew up gaming on a ColecoVision. The classic system boasted a stunning 16-color display at 256x192 resolution and was powered by a whopping 3.58 Mhz processor and 1 whole KB of RAM! Okay, that’s pittance compared to today’s machines, but in the early 80’s that was all we needed to play classics like Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, and Donkey Kong.

It wasn’t long, though, before my family upgraded to a Nintendo Entertainment System and I became captivated with Super Mario Brothers, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda. From my first taste of those latter two titles I was hooked on role-playing games. While I loved the simple, puzzle solving aspect of the single-screen games on the ColecoVision, it completely blew my mind that a video game could also tell a complex story! I invested hours in Final Fantasy and Zelda not just because the game play was fun, but because, like a good book, I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!

This is one of the many things that excites me about our upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii U, Of Mages & Pages. It’s going to be a beautiful blend of the puzzle solving aspects I loved in classic arcade games along with the rich story telling we find in the RPG genre.

Plus, there’s one thing you won’t find in Of Mages & Pages that has always bothered me about RPGs: heroes walking into houses uninvited just to chat with random strangers who are seemingly unfazed by home invasion! And with that gaming flaw in mind, I leave you with this hilarious strip about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

Until next time,


Monday, May 26, 2014

Old School Is New Again!

Hello Bloggers, throughout time new styles, fads, and trends become old news by their more modern updated successors. However, once enough time has passed old trends come back in retro-popular demand.  This has happened with the game industry with the ease of modern technology and the enjoyment of all of the 8-bit and 16-bit old school games we loved so much growing up. Because of this come back in the old school game feel, the market for independent game creators to cut their teeth with the leading gaming companies has vastly expanded the opportunity to get their game produced. I for one am interested in seeing how Indy-Games will change the game market and what it means for the little guy.


Friday, May 23, 2014

The Purple Wizard

A while back I showed one of the more important secondary characters in our game, Leon the green wizard.  Today I am showing a concept drawing of one of the other wizards from the wizard council.  There are 12 in total.  The image accompanying this post shows Jeff the purple wizard.  As you can see, Jeff is a unicorn.  This concept drawing also shows a more detailed version of what his staff will look like.

Each of the 12 wizards in our upcoming Nintendo Wii U game: Of Mages & Pages are a different type of magical creature and most of them will only be seen briefly, but we are working out the designs for each of them.  Again, this is just concept art, Jeff's final design will likely change a bit, but I wanted to share another little tidbit from the game since I haven't in a while.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where's my broom you ask?

Have you ever wondered why I have an oar instead of a broom? Well I can't tell you too much but I will tell you a tale.  Well, I was traveling as a guide through the red swamp for the greckles. We had just laid to rest for the night and had enjoyed a delicious meal.  One of them picked up what they thought was a simple twig and used it as a toothpick. THAT WAS MY BROOM !!!!!! Gone forever, broken off in his stone teeth.
I couldn't be without anything to fly!  That would be shameful.  So I snuck up to a gathering of polywoggles and snagged an oar from one of their skiffs. I used an enchantment to make it fly! Now,  why does it have a bite out of it you ask?  That's a story for another time...
~ Naaj

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer Blockbusters

Hey it's that time again. Time for your friendly neighborhood blogger to post and time for Summer Blockbusters. I stole that line from Spiderman, but you probably knew that already. All the excitement of summer blockbusters, The Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men-Days of Future Past, Transformers-Age of Extinction. What a cornucopia of choices. The best part is that the excitement doesn't end there...

Later this year 3twins will be introducing our new Nintendo WiiU game to the market. I for one can't wait. Stay tuned to this blog and our website for more information as we get closer and closer, and if you pay really close attention, you may even get a sneak peek into some of the character designs.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Illustrating Hatman
Greetings all. Steven Ware here, just wanted to talk about my second experience in doing a full fledged comic book for 3twins media. It was a dark and stormy just kidding. After having done a few covers and a smaller comic book for the guys I was asked to illustrate the Christmas Carol episode of Hatman & Indigo. I had decided to work in more realistic illustration style for the Dicken's portion, and the sketching and inking proved more daunting than I had anticipated, and there was plenty of 'LIFE' getting in the way. But when the work was complete, I was pretty satisfied with the finished product...and the feedback from the guys and others was pretty positive. To make a long story longer, I post this in hopes to encourage everyone to keep pressing on with their the end we will all be able to pat each other on the back for a job well done.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spider-Man V.S The Amazing Spider-Man

With the recent debut of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this franchise leads me to think about the previous Spider-Man trilogy.  It is widely accepted that Spider-Man 2 was the best film in the series staring Toby Maguire, and the reboot starring Andrew Garfield was an equally awesome reboot.

What are your thoughts on the web-slinger and his filmed adventures (please no spoilers if you've seen the newest film)?


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hatman & Indigo – Origins: Super Cold Frozen Man

The third member of the Terrible Trio, arch nemeses of Hatman & Indigo, had a fated beginning.  As one of the creators of Hatman & Indigo, I had a lot of input into the aforementioned characters, but as the voice behind Super Cold Frozen Man I have had the privilege of molding his persona into that you see (and hear) in the comics today.

The first inspiration for Super Cold Frozen Man goes way back into my childhood, when I would enjoy watching the cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, which featured Iceman.  I loved Iceman way more than Spider-Man, and immediately began a fixation on all ice powered characters.  From Iceman (Marvel) to Mr. Freeze (DC), to Isis Vanderchill (Darkwing Duck) I loved those frozen heroes and villains.  So when it came time to create the terrible trio, I knew one of them had to have ice powers.

To find out more about Super Cold Frozen Man and the rest of the Terrible Trio, check out their misadventures in Hatman & Indigo