Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let The Short Halloween Begin!

Our latest Hatman audio comic, Hatman #49: The Short Halloween is on our Blip page and will soon be added to! Though The Short Halloween is one of our shortest comics ever, though, it is still a fun little ride. With a runtime of 1:49 who can't take almost 2 minutes to find out what's scaring Hatman this Halloween? Hint, the panel to the right has something to do with it!

This comic has been the absolute fastest production we have pulled off to date! With only a little more than 3 weeks from initial concept to published product I really have to applaud the 3twins team who worked on this! While this issue only featured a couple of our characters there was a total of 5 people included in its production! S. LaDon Ware had the hardest task of taking the simple premise I came up with and creating a comic with no script or layouts!

Originally my idea was to have the comic only be one page, but S. LaDon couldn't help but add to the tension of Hatman's short adventure. It is amazing that we were able to get the very busy Tom Cox in to record Narrator lines off the cuff. I had barely received the uncolored pages when Tom arrived. So, even though Andy credited me as the writer, S. LaDon Ware and Tom Cox also had a large part in making the final product what it is!

The coloring this time was very challenging for most of the panels. Figuring out how to show Hatman in the dark was a stroke of brilliance by S. LaDon Ware who helped guide me as I colored the pages to fit his vision. All in all I think this quick concept turned out to be an amazing little addition to the Hatman Universe.

The light hearted core of what makes up Hatman & Indigo Comics was truly captured and I think it is a fitting tone for the end of this volume of the over arching story. As I've mentioned before, issue #50 will bring about some lasting changes to the Hatman Universe, without giving anything away, that will include adding greater depth and expanding the world as a whole. In light of that, this tiny Halloween special will be a nice contrast to what follows!

Keep it real Hatmaniacs!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Short Halloween cover

Here is the finished cover for Hatman: The Short Halloween! This coloring is based off of the Trade Paperback version of Batman: The Long Halloween. There is also a full color version of the original cover and I will be making a full color version of this cover as well, but due to the short amount of time I have to color the whole comic, this one will be the official cover and the full color one will most likely appear later on as a variant cover. We have a lot of work to get done in the week and a half before Halloween, but I'm confident it will be completed by then!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving unearths old things

I am in the process of moving to a new home, and as I was packing up the things in my office, I came across an old journal of mine.  Unlike some people, I don't use my journals like a diary, noting the events of the day, rather I use it to capture my creative thoughts.  Whenever I have an idea for a story or start mulling characters over in my head, I pull out one of my journals and write away.

Today the journal I found was several years old.  I flipped the first few pages and found a short story I had started, that eventually led to the ideas of Midieville.

Although this story looks nothing like Midieville as we know it, the characters of elves, dragons and an evil king, eventually led me to the plot of our loveable medieval characters of Marvin, Gidju and Anell.

Perhaps I will put the pages of this old story on 3twins Raw! or as BluRay extras for Midieville, one day.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Mad Hatter Day!

Today, 10/6 is Mad Hatter Day! It is kind of like April Fools Day 2. The reason today is Mad Hatter Day is because the Mad Hatter's Hat in Alice in Wonderland reads 10/6 (as pictured right). As you may know, we have our own Mad Hatter in Hatman and Ion Bunny Comics. Our version of the Mad Hatter tells riddles that alter reality. He mistook Ion Bunny for the March Hare in Ion Bunny issue 2 after his first appearance in a Hatman story.

You can also have fun trying to solve our Mad Hatter riddles on our riddles page.

Make it a crazy day, Hatmaniacs!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NEW Halloween Hatman Coming Soon!

So, when I told you about the next Hatman story being the revamped Zapman origin story; I didn't think we were doing a Halloween story this year. But, things have worked out that we will be able to squeeze in a one part Hatman Halloween story to hit and by October 31st this year! I don't want to give anything away, but I have been reading Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale recently and let's just say they proved a bit of inspiration for our next Hatman Spooktacular! The parody cover for this story will be an homage to Batman:The Long Halloween (image right). As usual with our parody stories, the story will only be loosely based on the concept behind the original and this time the word loosely may even be too severe a word for how loose!

This issue will also mark our 49th Hatman comic and that last brand new story for a while as we backtrack and tighten up the Zapman and Super Cold Frozen Man origin stories, finally finish the Beakman/Superheroes story, and re-record the audio for all of our old issues and convert all back issues to our blip account.

As I've blogged about in the past, issue 50 is going to bring about some changes to the world of Hatman and we want to hit the ground running with the huge story arc we have planned for after that. In order to keep the high paced production that story arc will require, we need our blip account to make enough money so we can hire more help! So, you can do your part by simply watching our stuff on our page!

Later, Hatmaniacs!