Monday, February 27, 2012

The Return of Superheroes!

In all the frenzy that is wrapped up in the life of our humble 3twins executives (namely Andy, Steve, and myself) the Futurama review has still not appeared. However, I bring you other exciting news from the realm of lost Hatman comic issues!

Some of you may recall that before releasing "The Revenge of The Big Giant Pumpkin Headed Man" story we had an unfinished story titled "Superheroes." The first two issues of that four part story had been released and then we ran into a snag with finding artists for it. However, we have recently caught up with Kendall Stump to help us finish that story! Kendall was the artist who penciled and inked the first issue and part of the second for that story (his art is featured to the right for a previously unreleased cover). Initially he had to leave work on the story due to a death in the family, but he is back now and working his magic on finishing it up!

You may recall that the second part of that story ended with the reveal of a new villain known only as Dr. Beakman, Indigo trapped in peril, and Blonde worried about Hatman's absence at her graduation party! Part three (currently in production) picks up right where part two left off. In preparation for its arrival I will be uploading a few Hatman stories that preceded "Superheroes" to our blip account, and Andy will be working on a whole new Comic's page layout. Our current Comic's page is full to bursting and we need to offer a better way to access all of our comics without it feeling too bogged down.

Production on Zapman Reimagined is also continuing. At this point we don't know which one of those stories we will have finished first. However, I think in order to avoid long wait times the best choice is going to be for us to wait to start releasing either of them until we have a whole story done. In the meantime we will continue to re-release old material to our blip account and hopefully get onto some reviews!

Here's hoping that 3twins hits it's stride again in 2012!
Stay brimming with anticipation, Hatmaniacs!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Where's that Futurama review?

Way back in the late summer of last year we posted a little teaser to our blip account announcing that we would be starting episode reviews of Futurama soon. Well, if you read my last post, you can probably guess what happened. School happened. It kind of got in the way of our grand venture. Another issue we have run into is that Andy and I haven't ever made a review before. We love watching other people's reviews online, but when we tried to do it, we just didn't know where to start. All that being said, Andy and I are planning on working on that next week with hopes of getting it online before Valentines Day! The main reason I am blogging about this is to help give us a deadline that is out there so we just do it and stop hesitating!

Hopefully the Futurama reviews will lead into some of the other television show reviews we have mentioned in the past!

So, here's hoping!


P.S. progress continues on Zapman Remastered coloring! I've also gotten some amazing pages for part 2 already from S. LaDon Ware, and wow! He just keeps topping his own work!