Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lieutenant Robert Palindrome, Character Study

Pilot of the Space Shuttle Pascal, Lieutenant Robert "Bob" Palindrome is a unique character. From the young age of four, he learned the meaning of Palindrome as a word or phrase that is spelled the same forwards and backwards. Ever after this he insisted on being called “Bob”, even when his parents (who didn’t want to draw attention to their odd last name) wanted to call him Robbie. Bob even re-named his pet hamster Racecar.

As one of the two man crew of the Pascal, Bob has several duties other than piloting the shuttle, including, cleaning, preparing lunch, helping Jonas maintain his bionic implants, and trying to keep Jonas from accidentally killing anyone.

Bob once held the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Galactic Space Fleet, however several juvenile incidents with Jonas English ended with his rank reduction and the ultimate assignment as pilot of a small ship shuttling passengers, who are mostly high ranking officials or dignitaries to symposiums and seminars.

Created by Jason Kuder
Voiced by Steve Surine
Rank Lieutenant
Hobbies: Playing practical jokes on Jonas
Nicknames: Bob, Bub, Robbie
Personality: Bob does as little as he can to just barely skimp by, he sees himself as somewhat of a ladies man.
Strengths: Charisma - Bob can talk himself out of any trouble, this trait is possibly how he obtained such a high rank being such a slacker.
Weaknesses: “WORK!!!”
See Bob in Star Fetched

Just for fun: Come up with some palindromes (or cheat and find one one the internet) and post them as comments.

Next Weekend: Blonde Damsel

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marvin, the blue wizard Character Study

Marvin is the Wizard of Weather for Midieville. Along with the charge of protecting the White castle and the Human Kingdom, Marvin is in charge of making the weather. Sometimes Marvin uses his weather-working powers as weapons to fight Anell and The Black Knight, other times he uses them to teach Gidju a lesson.

Marvin lives in his stone hut in the middle of the enchanted forest. The location is so secret and the only way someone can get there is by magic (or wandering aimlessly for hours sometimes works too).

As one of the original 13 Wizards, Marvin is very respected in the Magical community. His knowledge of spells almost surpasses that of the Master Magician, who is leader of the Wizards. As the Wizard charged with the safety of the White Castle, King Mathos often seeks the aid of Marvin for special tasks.

Created by Andy Kuder
Voiced by Jason Kuder
Special Attributes: Weather-working
Hobbies: Picking on Gidju, Building rock structures, Weather-working, Telling tales of old
Nicknames: Marv, Blue, Marvin, Weather Guy, Hey you with the hat
Personality: Marvin comes across a gruff, but he is truly tenderhearted
Quirks: Often needs to clear his throat, which some mistake as magical incantations
Strengths: The Blue Wizard of Weather can conjure up storms of any kind and direct them where he wills
Weaknesses: The Blue Wizard of Weather's only known weakness is The Brown Wizard of Time's ability to pause, slow down, or speed up weather

Concept Art

Trivia: Marvin is one of the oldest wizards in Midieville
Defining Episodes:
Marvin's Magic Tricks (First appearance)
What's up with the Weather (Marvin's first weather working)
The Tale of the Spellbook (Marvin recounts historical events)

Check back next weekend, when I post my character study for Bob Palindrome of Star Feched

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Indigo Sculpture Finished!

Today I received finished images from Ben Howard of Fizz Man Industries of the Indigo sculpture! These show him fully painted. I absolutely love it! I'm adding 2 images to this post so you can get a good look at him! Be sure to comment with your thoughts. The next thing we're commissioning from the Fizz Man is a Hatman sculpture!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Zelda 25th Anniversary

As a Legend of Zelda fan for most of my life, I have been following the anticipated release of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  Nintendo is being very coy about keeping the release date unknown, by simply saying "Holiday 2011".  Today I received an email from Nintendo (yeah, I'm on their mailing list) about the launch of their new Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary website.  I decided to check it out and was not too impressed.  Yes it is a nice looking website, and it does give a simple description and release date for all of the Legend of Zelda games (with the Holiday 2011 date still attached to Skyward Sword), but I didn't see anything new.  To me, it looks like they simply compiled some images and videos and put them onto one site.  If you haven't been following any of the publicity around Ocarina of Time 3DS or Skyward Sword, or are curious about the multiple Zelda games released over the past 25 years, it is worth taking a look, but if you regularly visit sites like and follow the publicity, there's nothing new.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

3twins Character Studies

As we slowly begin to move our content into the realm of and make our entertainment more accessible across the web, we here at, plan on blogging more often. Our blog posts will range from interesting things we find other places on the web to the intricate details of the goings on at

A few years back, 3twins had started a fan site over on wetpaint.  This site fell by the way side, but one project I was working on that showed some interest was character studies. I really enjoyed providing the character studies, and they also gave our fans a different perspective on some of our less known 3twins characters. So, in order to bolster regular bogger content, I will be providing a character study on one 3twins character each weekend.

Next weekend we will begin with one of my favorite Midieville characters, Marvin, the Blue Wizard!

I hope you all look forward to it as much as I do,


Friday, August 5, 2011

Hand Sculpted Indigo!

I recently commissioned an Indigo sculpture from Ben Howard, the genius behind Fizz Man Industries. It will be a birthday present for Andy (the voice of Indigo) and also a test to see if there would be any interest among fans to purchase statues of our characters. I have received a few progress photo's and I am very impressed! To the right is the head which is amazing! Andy and I have already decided that we will be ordering more characters from Fizz Man Industries, for sale or for our own personal collections. I'll be sure to post about this again when I have images of him painted!

Tell me what you think of this idea. Would you be interested in having your very own Hatman Comics character in eye popping 3D for your display? Or what about a Midieville or Star Fetched character?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hello Fans,

You may have noticed we have been posting videos from our account.  We are hard at work converting our Flash comics and cartoons into video files for better viewing ease.  One nice thing to the videos on is they can now be viewed with out having a flash player installed on your computer or mobile device!

To keep up to date on our new videos check back here often for the latest entertainment.



Midieville "spy" part 6: The Plan

Marvin and Gidju devise a plan to get the "White" Knight to stop spying on them.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011