Friday, November 20, 2009

A Painting and a Poem

My friend Jim shared this painting his wife did of him (he's an avid musician). It in spired my poetic juices to flow, so I wrote the following poem based on the painting (in no way does my poem reflect Jim).

Alone in the dungeon he patiently sits,

Quietly awaiting his master’s departure

The master leaves and to the keyboard he flees,

His fingers poised just above the keys

The nimble flanges race along silently

Never touching the ebony or ivory

But the sound in his mind is music instead

While his head leans tilted toward master’s bed

A cold wind blows the shutters

He jumps with a start

For a moment the keys sing out

Not music but a terrible shout

“A lash for he who is playing those keys!”

Comes bellowing from the master’s chamber

Quickly he runs to the dungeon hoping to miss the whip

But alas the master arrives with fury and his beats they never skip

On his stomach he lies with his back red and raw

But anger nor pity is inside his head

For the music he plays on the keys of his pillow

Take away the sting from the switch of that willow


Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's going on with!

It has been a while since I posted anything. I had said I would try to post every other day, but I have failed at that, and I apologize. However, I did want to bring you all up to speed a bit as to what is transpiring and why we have been stagnant lately.

First off, let me assure you that new Hatman comics are coming, they are just taking a little longer than expected. Our work rate has reduced due to several factors, a couple of which are, Andy becoming the music director at his church (in addition to his normal full time job) and me going back to school to get my degree in business. So, as you can imagine, for the time being the Beakman Saga has been put on hold and we are working as fast as we can, in lieu of our increased schedule constraints, on our Halloween special so we can bring that to you, better late than never.

The Halloween story was actually started last year for Halloween 2008, but was cut short due to circumstances beyond our control and I have vowed that we will not skip it again for another year, even if that means it comes out late. If you have followed our previous Halloween stories, I think you will very much enjoy "The Revenge of the Big Giant Pumpkin Headed Man"

We are also working hard on bringing you a new Ion Bunny comic as well. I blogged about this a while back, so check out that blog for some details!

We have recently teamed up with an old friend, Jim Stowe, who is in the process of helping with a major redesign of the entire 3twins site! This is no small task and will most likely take a few months, but I assure you, the results will be well worth the wait!

Steve and I have begun meeting weekly to work on a feature length project called "Lectrajack". As we progress, we will be videotaping our meetings to share bits and pieces of the project with you. This story we are working on has been in development literally for decades. We have all worked very hard to make a brand new Superhero story that is rich in character, full of excitement, mystery and drama! That's right, I said drama, this is not in the vein of Hatman, Midieville, or Star Fetched. This is something bigger and grander and we hope to do it the justice we feel it deserves. Lectrajack diary videos will be coming soon!

I don't dare promise when my next post will be, but now that I've gotten a bit of a handle on how school is going to effect my schedule, I will try and post more regularly.

As always, comments, suggestions and constructive criticism is encouraged!