Saturday, April 16, 2011

Midieville Teaser 3

King Anell advises a plan to rid Midieville of Marvin.

Midieville "Spy" part 1

King Anell sends The Black Knight to spy on Marvin and Gidju

I've never been so excited about 3 cents in my life!!!

As some of you may have noticed, we here at set up an account with Jason and I loaded just a few of our videos to this service and began streaming them Thursday, April 14th (just two days ago). This great new service not only hosts our videos, but we can get paid for people viewing our videos (with a short ad preceding)! $0.03 (what we've earned in the last two days) is essentially nothing, but for the first time, in a long time, we have real potential for turning a profit on our creative media.

Now I know, we don't usually talk about money, but in over five years of making cartoons and comics for our website, we have striven to simply break even on our large investment into our passion. It looks like there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel! Will we get rich off I doubt it, but with your help (simply watching our content) we can earn enough capitol to increase our ability to produce the quality and quantity of content you regularly ask us for.

Believe me, we aren't in it for the money. If we were wouldn't have lasted this long. Jason, Steve and I have a passion for telling our stories, and we sacrifice a lot to bring them to life. How much more can we do, if they become self sustaining? The sky is the limit!

Thank you to all our true believers!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Star Fetched Episode 1

Join the crew of the Pascal as they pick up their latest passengers.

Midieville Teaser 1

Our first attempt at an animated cartoon. My how far we've come!!!

Midieville Teaser 2

The first appearance of King Anell and The Black Knight.
A very early animation attempt.

KudeeCast 1

The first audio podcast featured on Featuring 3twins creators Jason Kuder and Steve Surine

KudeeCast 2

The second installment of the 3twins audio podcast. Featuring 3twins creator Jason Kuder and Hatman "Narrator" Tom Cox

KudeeCast 3 - Birfday Special

The third audio podcast featured on On their 30th birthday 3twins creators Andy Kuder and Jason Kuder sat down with co-creator Steve Surine to record this podcast.