Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Our artist, Tilian Wagner sent me this as a Christmas card and I thought I'd share it!

Merry Christmas from your friends at!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ep9 Mario Galaxy 2 video!

Episode 9 of my walkthrough of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is finally online! In this installment we discover the Rock Mushroom and Mario's latest new ability Rock Mario!

Keep it real and keep it Mario!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Where's the "let's play" videos?

I decided that I would make a update about our Mario Galaxy 2 videos and why they seemed to stop a couple weeks ago. Well, we are going to get back into recording them, I have just been very busy with school. My Algebra class was really weighing down on me so I needed to focus on that and the Mario videos just took a back burner. Lexi and I will be doing more of those very soon.

Also, we will be doing a cold playthrough of the Gamecube game, The Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures. Andy recently purchased this hard to find game online and is letting me borrow it. What do I mean by a "cold playthrough?" Well, I have never played the game at all, so everything we record will be my first reactions to the game. This means that it may take several videos for me to get through challenging puzzles or find things, but it will be a true first time experience.

Although this game is designed for up to 4 players, I will be playing it alone with Lexi only making comments. The decision to do this is based on a couple of factors, the most major of which is that multi-player requires the use of Gameboy Advances (GBA) for each player and I can't record the separate GBA's and the main screen. But if the game is played alone, all of the action takes place on the main screen so nothing is lost. The other reason is that Lexi just isn't that into playing games enough to be able to keep up. This may seem mean, but she is only 4 years old and from what Andy has told me would really need to know exactly what to do at all times in order for us to progress through the Zelda game.

However, Lexi will play a crucial role in my experience through the game! I have red-green colorblindness and many of the puzzles and challenges in this game are color based. While this might not be that big of a problem in some cases, the colors happen to be green, red, blue and purple in this game. Why purple instead of yellow is beyond me. Anyhow, my particular colorblindness can make it difficult for me to distinguish green and red from one another as well as blue and purple from one another. I will probably complain about this during the videos as I expect it to be frustrating. However, Lexi is not colorblind and actually loves helping me distinguish colors, so she will be a valuable asset!