Saturday, October 11, 2014

Interview with, Inc President, Andy Kuder

Steve: For starters, just tell us a little about yourself.

Andy: I am the First Twin in "3twins." I live in Indiana with my family where I am a full-time Associate Minister. At church I get to work with many different groups of people from preschool, to youth, and even the older adults. My main goal in ministry as well as life is to meet people where they are. I feel that 3twins is a great avenue to do that. We like to meet people with our entertainment at whatever walk of life they are in.

S: What is your role in 3twins specifically?

A: I am the President/Chief Operations Officer. Basically I am responsible for making sure the CEO, Jason, remains sane, and that all his plates keep spinning. I wear so many different hats from Animation Director, to Voice Actor, to Writer and script editor, as well as more tedious administrative jobs.

S: Jason already explained how the Of Mages and Pages game came about, but can you tell us more about the origins of Midieville itself?

A: Midieville was actually inspired from a medieval story I was working on that originally retold the tale of King David from the Bible. I had too many personal concerns with my own story that I abandoned that idea. However, I was still intrigued by the medieval aspects. Goliath was going to be a dragon in my story, and Jonathan, King Saul's son and David's best friend, was an elf.  I took the ideas of a dragon and elf as well as my thoughts of Samuel being a wizard, and translated them into the characters of Xilva the elf, Gidju the dragon, and Marvin the Blue Wizard...

Read the full interview here.

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