Thursday, October 2, 2014

An Interview with 3twins CEO and Cofounder Jason Kuder

Greetings 3twins fans! Over the next few months I’ll be running a series of
interviews with my blog posts aimed at helping you to get to know the team behind our upcoming game Of Mages and Pages. We’ll start with the head honcho of 3twins, Jason Kuder.
Steve: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Who is Jason Kuder?
Jason: Early after the zygotal split, the battle for fetal domination began… I'm just a crazy person who dreams big, and when I say big, I mean B I G. And I go after those dreams with vigor and abandon. I also have a secret power where I can get people to do all sorts of things for me for free or practically nothing. I guess it's not so secret anymore. I'm a husband, father, and twin brother.
S: What's your role specifically within
J:I co-founded the company and oversee everything from janitorial to chairing the board meetings. I'm the driving force and the thing that won't stop, and won't let US stop moving forward. But ultimately, I am a storyteller, and all things 3twins are just different ways to tell our stories.
S: What can you tell us about Of Mages and Pages? What kind of game will this be? Will it tell a story? How does it tie in to the rest of the 3twins universe?
J: Well, before I tell you that, I'm going to tell you how it came about. We were making Midieville web-toons and I wrote a story about a duel between two of the main characters and when I finished that story, Steve Surine (the third twin) wrote a follow-up story that was very much like an RPG. I had the idea to turn that story into an RPG and I wanted to release it on the 3DS, but didn't know how to even get in contact with Nintendo...

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