Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sketching A Script To Life!

Everything starts with an idea and that idea is brought to life by an artist. Like any idea in the world of media and entertainment you must first understand the story and it's characters, then you go straight to sketching. This requires hours of sketching and refinement until the artist captures the heart of the story. The next step is carefully inking (marker) all the sketches into a final image, then i scan it onto the computer and bring it to life with color.

There was a time before Disney went CG, they were known for their reliance on traditional artists, storyboards, and sketches. Have no fear, artists are still needed to sketch out a visual depiction, whether it be for animation, movies, or a video game. Even in the world of Disney and CG, sketching remains the quickest and most valued shorthand used to bring any idea to life.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

What's Your Favorite 3twins Character?

I was thinking about the time I went to Yokohama, Japan. I felt like I was in a video game! Neon colors, happy synthesized theme songs for everything (including crossing signals) and every business had it's own anime mascot. That's right, even the adults in Japan had their favorite anime characters. I challenge you to find your own theme character and post them right here on our blog. From any cartoon, comic book, video game or whatever. If you're short on ideas review our past posts and find one here. We have lot's of lovable characters that are looking for supporters. I, myself, choose Bojac the Centaur, from the upcoming hit Wii U game "Of Mages and Pages" by your friends here at 3twins.net. Post your favorites here and let's see who wins!!!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Captain America 2

So I finally saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and I have to say it's definitely worth the hype! I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I highly recommend you do!

Now I can't wait for Avengers 2 to come to theaters. This so nicely sets up the ongoing Marvel stories.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Black Knight Image

So, Friday I posted an image of what the character of the Gold Knight will most likely look like in our Wii U game Of Mages & Pages.  Today I give you The Black Knight and how he will likely look in our game.


Monday, April 21, 2014


Greetings All,

Steven Ware here, just wanted to share a few thoughts that i have been considering.

i saw "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" when it came out and i am very pleased to see that it is still the #1 movie in America some three weeks after its release.  There is more to my pleasure at seeing the movie do so well than just fannboy excitement, though (not sure how much more, but there is a measurable percentage more).  I am excited to see a movie that deals with the complex issues of what s of what it means to be a hero in today's society (especially here in the U.S.A.)doing so well.  i really like the fact that a comic book movie is striving to say something more than "Might makes Right", in fact this movie may come as close to saying the opposite of that sentiment than any other comic book adaption ever has (including "Watchmen", imho).

Which brings me to the question i would like to pose to You All;  In today's world, how essential are heroes?  This world seems to meandering toward chaos more and more each day, is touting the actions and character of heroes (real or imagined) akin to some kind of Sisyphusian mental torture...in a nutshell, what is the appeal of looking to the best in mankind when the worst is running rampant?  

A fair assessment, no?  But maybe the whole symbol represented in the "Starfish story" is the key to the necessity of hope - which is what heroes embody in our minds, in our souls.  The need to reach for what Abraham Lincoln called “the Better Angels of Our Nature”.  Heroism inspires heroism, hope breeds hope.  In a society inundated by anger, angst and apathy don’t Our hearts cry out for heroes?  As the world spins into shadow, aren’t we all desperately craving the light of compassion, civility and self-sacrifice?  

I submit to You that the current spate of Superhero movies is touching more than a childish desire to see Our costumed vigilantes finally robed in flesh, but the fulfillment of the yearning that We feel to see Someone overcome insurmountable odds for the sake of the greater good.  Walt Whitman said; “ I understand the large hearts of heroes, the courage of present times and all times,” .  

I salute You Captain America for doing so well at the box office, and even more so for letting us believe, if even for a little while, that there is better in Us and that We can aspire to that better in Ourselves.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Gold Knight Image

Quite a while back I mentioned a new character for our Wii U game: Of Mages & Pages, the gold knight.  At that time I wasn't ready to show you a concept image for him.  However, today I decided to show you an image that is very similar to what he should look like in the final game!

So take a look at the Gold Knight for our game!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Doctor Who Legacy

Greetings 3twins.net fans,

Today I wanted to share about my favorite free to play phone/tablet game, Doctor Who Legacy.  When I was first introduced to Doctor Who Legacy, I thought it was going to be like all other gem matching games, but this one puts a fun twist by integrating RPG elements as well as fun collectables.

Whether you’re a fan of Doctor Who or not, this game is quite enjoyable.  The best part is it’s completely free to play, and there’s no energy system.  So if you want to play it for twenty hours or just a few minutes, you can.  There’s dozens of different characters to collect and each one has their own abilities and stats, so you can make all kinds of diverse teams.

So what are you waiting for..? Go to the app store/play store now to download this awesome game! (Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, and coming soon to Facebook).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Do you recall the things that made you look forward to what was coming as a child? It may have been a visiting friend or relative, a holiday celebration, or birthday presents. For most of us involved with 3twins.net, we all have stories of the next issue of our favorite comic, the next episode of our favorite TV show, or finding the last item to complete a collection. You know, geeky stuff, like that. Fortunately for us all, the geek culture has allowed larger society to be part of that excitement with TV episodes, movies and series on streaming networks, and introducing our comic heroes to the motion screens both large and small. As adults, we still find that initial excitement in those activities.
That is the heart of the worlds within 3twins.net. In the works are stories that will be shared in multi-media format and even our first ever video game! As someone who has befriended the twins before this all started with a simple website, I am impressed with the body of work available now as well as the work awaiting art or animation to be revealed in the future. It brings me back to the excitement of my youth when I knew something new would be coming to tie up loose ends and unravel others. We all have that now with many fine shows available for watching from other companies, but which of your favorites are really giving you a chance to weigh in? This family of writers and artists at 3twins.net invites you to do just that. Let’s talk about what you would like to see that would get you excited. Please tell us!
Choose your escape!
                                                                                                                        ~ Chuck

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Comics Into Movies: A Change of Character

    As many of us comic nerds have seen throughout the years, comics are a popular story line choice to produce into a block-busting movie. Sometimes so popular that they can be remade numerous times. This gets obnoxious for some die-hard fans, however, others enjoy comparing the differences between castings, storyline and of course the producers style. Casting can largely affect the success and the popularity of the film. We've seen this trend with the newer age Spider-Man films. Marvel fans have debated over the two completely different actors to complete the comic book series (Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield). A more drastic example in this debate is that there have been sixteen different actors who have played Superman since the original show in 1939 (Young, 2013). And of course, the list goes on and on with the reproduction of the Batman movies. We can't forget the epic portrayal of Arnold Schwartzenegger as "Mr. Freeze". (Go ahead and watch for your pure enjoyment and try not to imitate him: http://youtu.be/SRH-Ywpz1_I ). Clearly, no one can compete with his role. How about Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger as the joker? I remember as a young girl being obsessed with the Cat Woman character played by Michelle Pffiefer (even begging to be cat woman for Halloween equipped with a whip-- didn't get the whip for the record). Halle Berry was okay, but to be honest, I hated the newest casting of Anne Hathaway. I just can't unthink her role in the Princess Diaries from my mind. Sorry Anne I do love you, though.

    What are your thoughts? Did you love/hate a certain actor/actress compared to another in a comic movie remake? Let us know!

Young, P. (2013). 16 Different Actors Portray Superman. Retrieved from

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sounds Amazing

Have you ever closed your eyes during a movie or TV show and just listened? I encourage you to give it a try sometime because you'll soon 'see' that the flashy graphics, bright colors, and fast motions are only a small part of the art of storytelling.

One of the first things a voice actor learns as they begin their training is just how hard it is! While a traditional actor can convey emotions and intentions with movement a voice actor has to do all that with their voice alone.

Casting the right voice is critical to the success of any media project. If the talent can't convey the right intent, the story will suffer.
Here's two examples of how different a famous character would have been with some slight alterations:

And a funnier take by the amazing talent that is Jim Cummings:

Till next time- keep listening!
~Jason Mutzfeld

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who doesn't love them?  I think that even if you weren't into super heroes before,  you are now! The Marvel universe has grown in the movie industry the last few years and these movies have reintroduced these amazing characters to generations young and old! Those that have read the comic books have a deeper connection (like Jason), those that have seen the movies (like me) enjoy the new adventure and the way the others light up as they pop off the page. I love the fact that my whole family enjoys it all!
~Michelle Kuder

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hatman & Indigo

Hello bloggers,
      3twins has continued to flourish from our first comic over 9 years ago to its current.  There is a lot of content to go through, and appreciate from its raw creativity and phenomenal scripting, but I would like to start off discussing the Hatman and Indigo Adventures. Hatman and Indigo Comics have inter-weaved its own originality with parodies of stories and depictions that we all have enjoyed both during and before our time. Do not be fooled by the covers, as they display their own creative homage pictorially, but what awaits inside is often a whole different adventure for viewers to enjoy.
      For those new or not quite familiar with 3twins.net I challenge you to explore the 3twins universe, aside from being more then it appears it is family friendly with a wit and humor that any adult can enjoy. For those who are passionate about comics, movies, writers, or directors etc, then our site is for you. Jump on board with plenty of things to collect, share experiences and appreciate the beauty in this site's voice. 3twins.net, most importantly is great family fun only waiting for you and your loved ones to explore. In my next post we will start exploring adventures from our stories such as Star Fetched, Medieville, and first, but not foremost Hatman & Indigo.

Until Next Time


Saturday, April 5, 2014


Greeting and salutations 3Twins fans.  My name is Tom Cox and I have working with the 3Twins gang for quite some time now.  I'd tell you exactly but we have been having so much fun that time becomes irrelevant.  That said, I have been asked to blog post from time to time on this site.  Be patient with me, because I have never actually blogged before, but with the great fans we have I know you will all be gentle.

We have lots of exiting things in store so stay tuned for more updates!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Website Updates

Greetings 3twins Fans!
If you check out the main page of 3twins.net you no longer see the spread of Hatman & Indigo comics, rather you will be greeted with a site under construction image.  Complied by our very own, Michael Lude, this picture features images from Hatman & Indigo, Star Fetched, Midieville, and Of Mages & Pages.  If you click the image you will be directed to our Comic’s page (if you have flash player installed in your browser).
What are we doing this for? You may be asking. From the early days of 3twins.net our site has been fully flash based, but now there are many devices like macs, smart phones, and tablets that no longer support flash player.  So we have enlisted the help of Never Hall to completely revamp our website making it non-flash friendly.  This is a slow and tedious process, so please be patient, but this new image is step one.
Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook for updates as we progress through this process, as well as sneak peeks at our Wii-U game, Of Mages & Pages.