Thursday, April 19, 2012

Early Marvin and Gidju Animatic!

I was recently looking at some of our archives and I stumbled upon a very early animatic featuring Marvin and Gidju in their concept stages! These were very early concept drawings where Marvin was thin and tall and Gidju was fat.

As many of you may know, I am not an artist, I am a writer. However, I do play around with artistic tools from time to time to help get my ideas in some crude tangible form. I created the Gidju concept through a compilation of several found clipart images. Gidju's head was modified from a hippo clipart, his body a dinosaur clipart, and the wings were from a dragon clipart. If you compare these designs to our final designs you can see how things evolved, but a lot of elements from the concepts are still present.. I think the current designs (drawn by Steve Surine) have a lot more character though.

You might notice that even though this animatic has no audio, it follows the script of the very first Midieville Teaser with Marvin making himself disappear and then reappear. Interestingly, the other background images are very similar to the final backdrop for Marvin's hut in the woods.

That's all for now,