Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shadows in the Forest

Within the deep dense forest of the Western Woodlands of Mystery strange creatures dwell.  Creatures without substance or form.  Shadow Folk, the essence of evil.  They lurk wherever there is darkness and feed on lost things and wandering travelers.

The elves live near the densest part of the Woodlands and stories have cropped up of elves disappearing if they leave the forest path.  It is not just a tale to scare little children, the Shadow Folk are taking elves from the darkest parts of the forest.

It is said that the Shadow Folk arrived in Midieville soon after the battle against the trees and bears.  Some think that the they are actually the disembodied spirits of the trees themselves, wandering with only the lust of evil to guide them.  They are tricky creatures who make subtle noises just off the paths into the shadows.  The noises entice a curious elf to look for the source, and that's when the shadow folk strike.  As soon as no light is directly cast on their victims, they flood in and bathe the area with darkness, then the elf is no more.

So, be careful if you venture into the Woodlands of Mystery.  Stay on the paths, don't wander out of the sunshine, and don't investigate any curious noises.  If you do, you may never be heard from again.


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  1. This is a fittingly spooky story for Halloween and extremely well-written. Moreover, the descriptions are very vivid, and the illustration is fantastic. Kudos to the artist, as well as the writer.