Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uncle Mutzie: Webomic Explorer

3Twins Blog Post July 16


Continuing on our explorations of the web comics universe, we examine another gamer-geek webcomic 'Penny Arcade' -

Much more than a simple comic, Penny Arcade to an exploration into video culture. While last time we talked about PVP and how the story drives it along, this time we'll be looking at a character driven comic.

One of the more 'famous' webcomics, the strip is often one-shots revolving around a particular video game as seen from the perspectives of Gabe and Tycho, the alter egos of their creatures. They also have an extensive blog worth checking out. Notable items about Penny Arcade are that they're spawned their own video game and they run a charity called Child's Play

Beware when checking it out that Penny Arcade is at least a PG-13 to R in it's content, mostly language.

Tune in later as we discover the world of "Kevin and Kell"

Uncle Mutzie

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