Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exploring Webcomics: PVP

3Twins Blog Post July 08

Greeting Hatmaniacs!

In my continuing series of posts exploring the webcomic-verse, we'll be looking at the well-known and maybe lesser know webcomics out there for public consumption

I'd like to start with a personal favorite of mine: PVP by Scott Kurtz ( PVP stands for player-versus-player and takes place at a gaming magazine of the same name. It falls into the web comic category of a 'gamer comic' so the humor is focused mainly to a geeky audience and has lots of computer game references. The humor is PG to PG-13 and has been around for over a decade making it one of the 'grown-ups' on the block. While a 'gamer comic' it can't truly be pigeon-holed into that category, the stories are accessible to almost everyone.

Not only is the art and writing top-notch but the author is a true success story. Scott has been able to grown from a comic he did part-time to a full time gig and the recognition he deserves. You really see him pour his heart and soul into his comic and it shows through his work.

Another comic in the genre is Penny Arcade. The humor there is a bit more PG-13 to R and is even more geeky. Also one of the big kids in web comics, it's been around for quite a while- we'll be looking into it more next time.

That's all for now True Believers- Excelsior!

Uncle Mutzie

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