Thursday, July 30, 2009


Our next full issue of Hatman & Indigo has a parody cover that parodies something somewhat obscure. Next week, the first few pages of Hatman & Indigo: Shocking Science Fiction Stories will go live online featuring the new cover (Drawn by S. LaDon Ware, and colored by Andy Kuder and Michael Lude), but I thought I'd give you a glimpse of it here.

This issue was originally titled Hatman & Indigo: Back to the Beginning Part 4, but we decided to use the parody cover as inspiration for the title of this individual issue (like we did with Back to the Beginning Part 3 being titled Hatman & Indigo's Excellent Adventure).

If you can figure out what this cover is parodying, post your answers here. The first correct answer will get a special prize. It's something cool we've been working on for the next Indy Comic-con, August 30th.

So, who will be the first fan with this new "prize"?

It could be you!



  1. The layout and style with the man in the space suit, the crashed spaceship with the open door, and the title Tales from Space, this all looked too familiar. My suspicions were confirmed when I went back to the scene in the movie with the kid looking a his book about aliens attacking earth. This issue wasn't parodying any cover art of back to the future, it was a parody of a specific scene in the movie. Marty(alien)movies from wrecked car(spaceship)and approaches the civilians in his radiation suit(alien suit).... This Cover is based off of Tales From Space a book(prop)created for the movie by the shows production Illustrator Andrew Probert, for the character Sherman Peabody. This is not a real comic,however it was inspired by 50's comic, EC comics and later obtained a guest spot on hit television show HEROES. Very Clever! Props

  2. Congratulations, Martialartsgoru!

    You are the winner.

    Please send me an email ( ) and I'll get you your prize soon. Its a downloadable file, so all I'll need from you is your email address.