Sunday, June 22, 2014

Superhero for a Day

In honor of my oldest son's birthday, today's post touches on the innocence of a child's imagination. It came to my attention that my four-year-old wants nothing more than to be a super hero when he grows up. He believes that Gotham City is a real place, that Clark Kent is somewhere out there disguised, and that monsters actually can creep from under his bed in the night. To think of such a innocent mentality might sound silly or childish. But that's the point, in fact, all of us at have to dig deep down to find that creative mindset.

You may be able to recall a time in your life, even if it's many years ago, where everything was worry free, full of milk and cookies. And the worst thing you had to face was a skinned knee. The days when playing outside until the sun hit the hills, and you heard your named called name across the neighborhood ringing in dinner time. Believe it or not, video games were a luxury rather than a pastime. For some of us, video games were not even a possibility yet!

In today's day and age, playing outside until dusk isn't even a reality anymore because of the long list of parental worries. Working that nine to five grind can also make it exhausting to take the kiddos outside, to the park or for a bike ride. It is important though, to take the time to embrace that inner hero inside your heart. Kids are only kids for so long, after all. Whether you are a parent now, plan to be soon, or not even considering it at the moment; it is important to remember to dust off your super cape and put it back on for old time's sake. Be a super hero for the day, or be one forever, the choice is yours and yours alone!

If you could be a superhero for a day, who would you be?

Photo courtesy of Rodgers Photography of Grand Junction, CO

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