Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Story of my Oar's Bite

Hello All, Naaj the Red Witch here again! I know you have you been waiting a long time to hear the rest of the tale of the "bitten oar." As I was touring with the fairies on my new found enchanted oar. We decided to take a detour through the wonderful and intriguing Magenta forest!  Why you ask?!

Have you ever flown with fairies before? Well their wings can do the most amazing things to the clouds! As we made our way the clouds were disrupted and a peculiar thing happened. I felt the most forceful chomp on what could have been more than just my oar. WHAT! A sky shark must have been hunting in the area and saw the commotion of the clouds similar to ripples on the water and charged at the biggest thing he could find, ME!

I gotta go, Anell is calling for me, that spoiled brat. Next time I'll tell you what happened to that shark!

~ Naaj

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