Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Superhero Genre Has Come A Long Way

I’ve been re-watching the X-Men movies this week in anticipation of finally going to see X-Men: Day of Future Past. It’s hard to believe that 14 years have gone by since the original X-Men first hit theaters, and a lot has changed in the genre since then. Prior to X-Men, few superhero films experienced very much critical or box-office success. And especially thanks to the campiness of the Joel Schumacher Batman films, few thought that anyone would take superhero movies very seriously. And only the die-hard fans questioned 20th Century Fox’s decision to tone-down some of the comic elements in X-Men, most notably forgoing colorful spandex suits in favor of black-leather costumes – a fact that Cyclops even jokes about just before the movie’s climax.

But I think X-Men’s attempt to appeal to a more mainstream audience ultimately succeeded and paved the way for a slew of superhero movies in the years to follow. And as the genre grew, it seems that the general public’s acceptance of all aspects of superheroes did as well. We now have two Spider-Man franchises where his blue and red suit is no issue at all. And the masses flocked to see The Avengers without batting an eye at watching a massive battle against an alien army. If only we hadn’t rolled our eyes to such things back in 2000!

But now that it’s acceptable for superheroes to exist on screen just as they do in the comics, isn’t it time that we saw Wolverine in his iconic yellow and blue (or brown and tan) costume? Oh wait – maybe that does pop up in X-Men: Day of Future Past! Don’t spoil it for me!

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