Sunday, June 8, 2014

Shark House Concept

Today I decided to share with you all a really cool concept image that I received from S. LaDon Ware last week.  This concept features The Red Witch Naaj's house made out of a sky shark.  This image or one similar to it will be featured in our second DLC after the game releases!

That's right, our game, Of Mages & Pages: Teento's Revenge coming out on the Nintendo Wii U will have DLC (or as Nintendo calls it "Add On Content").  What will the DLC offer?  Well, for now I'm going to leave that under our hat, but you can expect it to be extremely worth it! 

I know I personally am quite hesitant with spending extra money on DLC unless I feel it greatly adds to a game.  That is the approach we are taking with our DLC.  But more on that later!  For now, just take a look at the cool shark house to get another feel for the world of Midieville featured in our game!


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