Sunday, April 27, 2014

What's Your Favorite 3twins Character?

I was thinking about the time I went to Yokohama, Japan. I felt like I was in a video game! Neon colors, happy synthesized theme songs for everything (including crossing signals) and every business had it's own anime mascot. That's right, even the adults in Japan had their favorite anime characters. I challenge you to find your own theme character and post them right here on our blog. From any cartoon, comic book, video game or whatever. If you're short on ideas review our past posts and find one here. We have lot's of lovable characters that are looking for supporters. I, myself, choose Bojac the Centaur, from the upcoming hit Wii U game "Of Mages and Pages" by your friends here at Post your favorites here and let's see who wins!!!



  1. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite since I created most of the characters in the 3twins Universe. It changes all the time, and right now I'd have to say it's an upcoming villain for the Of Mages & Pages 2 game we're just starting to conceptualize. I don't want to give anything away, but he's really cool! I also really love a villain I created for Hatman #50 which is also in pre-production as well!

  2. Favorite characters are hard to choose, I like a lot of them for a lot of different reasons. My favorite conceptually is King Anell! My favorite art wise is the gold knight! I REALLY like Blonde (wink,wink) she is really pretty, smart, and sometimes get's in to trouble!
    ~ Michelle

  3. I like Indigo because he is cute

  4. Raviella! She's fierce, like me. I love the conceptual art for her so far, and can truly see myself developing the characters voice.