Thursday, April 3, 2014

Website Updates

Greetings 3twins Fans!
If you check out the main page of you no longer see the spread of Hatman & Indigo comics, rather you will be greeted with a site under construction image.  Complied by our very own, Michael Lude, this picture features images from Hatman & Indigo, Star Fetched, Midieville, and Of Mages & Pages.  If you click the image you will be directed to our Comic’s page (if you have flash player installed in your browser).
What are we doing this for? You may be asking. From the early days of our site has been fully flash based, but now there are many devices like macs, smart phones, and tablets that no longer support flash player.  So we have enlisted the help of Never Hall to completely revamp our website making it non-flash friendly.  This is a slow and tedious process, so please be patient, but this new image is step one.
Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook for updates as we progress through this process, as well as sneak peeks at our Wii-U game, Of Mages & Pages.

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