Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Do you recall the things that made you look forward to what was coming as a child? It may have been a visiting friend or relative, a holiday celebration, or birthday presents. For most of us involved with 3twins.net, we all have stories of the next issue of our favorite comic, the next episode of our favorite TV show, or finding the last item to complete a collection. You know, geeky stuff, like that. Fortunately for us all, the geek culture has allowed larger society to be part of that excitement with TV episodes, movies and series on streaming networks, and introducing our comic heroes to the motion screens both large and small. As adults, we still find that initial excitement in those activities.
That is the heart of the worlds within 3twins.net. In the works are stories that will be shared in multi-media format and even our first ever video game! As someone who has befriended the twins before this all started with a simple website, I am impressed with the body of work available now as well as the work awaiting art or animation to be revealed in the future. It brings me back to the excitement of my youth when I knew something new would be coming to tie up loose ends and unravel others. We all have that now with many fine shows available for watching from other companies, but which of your favorites are really giving you a chance to weigh in? This family of writers and artists at 3twins.net invites you to do just that. Let’s talk about what you would like to see that would get you excited. Please tell us!
Choose your escape!
                                                                                                                        ~ Chuck

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