Monday, April 7, 2014

Hatman & Indigo

Hello bloggers,
      3twins has continued to flourish from our first comic over 9 years ago to its current.  There is a lot of content to go through, and appreciate from its raw creativity and phenomenal scripting, but I would like to start off discussing the Hatman and Indigo Adventures. Hatman and Indigo Comics have inter-weaved its own originality with parodies of stories and depictions that we all have enjoyed both during and before our time. Do not be fooled by the covers, as they display their own creative homage pictorially, but what awaits inside is often a whole different adventure for viewers to enjoy.
      For those new or not quite familiar with I challenge you to explore the 3twins universe, aside from being more then it appears it is family friendly with a wit and humor that any adult can enjoy. For those who are passionate about comics, movies, writers, or directors etc, then our site is for you. Jump on board with plenty of things to collect, share experiences and appreciate the beauty in this site's voice., most importantly is great family fun only waiting for you and your loved ones to explore. In my next post we will start exploring adventures from our stories such as Star Fetched, Medieville, and first, but not foremost Hatman & Indigo.

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