Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marvin, the blue wizard Character Study

Marvin is the Wizard of Weather for Midieville. Along with the charge of protecting the White castle and the Human Kingdom, Marvin is in charge of making the weather. Sometimes Marvin uses his weather-working powers as weapons to fight Anell and The Black Knight, other times he uses them to teach Gidju a lesson.

Marvin lives in his stone hut in the middle of the enchanted forest. The location is so secret and the only way someone can get there is by magic (or wandering aimlessly for hours sometimes works too).

As one of the original 13 Wizards, Marvin is very respected in the Magical community. His knowledge of spells almost surpasses that of the Master Magician, who is leader of the Wizards. As the Wizard charged with the safety of the White Castle, King Mathos often seeks the aid of Marvin for special tasks.

Created by Andy Kuder
Voiced by Jason Kuder
Special Attributes: Weather-working
Hobbies: Picking on Gidju, Building rock structures, Weather-working, Telling tales of old
Nicknames: Marv, Blue, Marvin, Weather Guy, Hey you with the hat
Personality: Marvin comes across a gruff, but he is truly tenderhearted
Quirks: Often needs to clear his throat, which some mistake as magical incantations
Strengths: The Blue Wizard of Weather can conjure up storms of any kind and direct them where he wills
Weaknesses: The Blue Wizard of Weather's only known weakness is The Brown Wizard of Time's ability to pause, slow down, or speed up weather

Concept Art

Trivia: Marvin is one of the oldest wizards in Midieville
Defining Episodes:
Marvin's Magic Tricks (First appearance)
What's up with the Weather (Marvin's first weather working)
The Tale of the Spellbook (Marvin recounts historical events)

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