Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lieutenant Robert Palindrome, Character Study

Pilot of the Space Shuttle Pascal, Lieutenant Robert "Bob" Palindrome is a unique character. From the young age of four, he learned the meaning of Palindrome as a word or phrase that is spelled the same forwards and backwards. Ever after this he insisted on being called “Bob”, even when his parents (who didn’t want to draw attention to their odd last name) wanted to call him Robbie. Bob even re-named his pet hamster Racecar.

As one of the two man crew of the Pascal, Bob has several duties other than piloting the shuttle, including, cleaning, preparing lunch, helping Jonas maintain his bionic implants, and trying to keep Jonas from accidentally killing anyone.

Bob once held the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Galactic Space Fleet, however several juvenile incidents with Jonas English ended with his rank reduction and the ultimate assignment as pilot of a small ship shuttling passengers, who are mostly high ranking officials or dignitaries to symposiums and seminars.

Created by Jason Kuder
Voiced by Steve Surine
Rank Lieutenant
Hobbies: Playing practical jokes on Jonas
Nicknames: Bob, Bub, Robbie
Personality: Bob does as little as he can to just barely skimp by, he sees himself as somewhat of a ladies man.
Strengths: Charisma - Bob can talk himself out of any trouble, this trait is possibly how he obtained such a high rank being such a slacker.
Weaknesses: “WORK!!!”
See Bob in Star Fetched

Just for fun: Come up with some palindromes (or cheat and find one one the internet) and post them as comments.

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