Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Writing: the heart and soul of 3Twins

Well Andy may have forgotten his turn at blogging, but I certainly did not forget mine!

I had a conversation last week with Jason about writing, specifically writing for Hatman & Indigo. One thing is for sure, Jason, Andy and I love to write, maybe more than anything else. And I think you'll notice if you watch some of our earlier comics and compare them to some of our recent comics that our writing really has improved.

I feel like quite often one of us will write a new Hatman & Indigo script that really raises the bar (like Jason's script for The Hatman Clause, or my script Superheroes, which you'll see come to life in a few weeks). Many times these "raise the bar" scripts end up sitting on the shelf for a while to the point that by the time they are actually released, the comic itself is just sort of average, even though the writing of the script inspired us to get better.

In other words, even our best stuff can be improved upon.

So with that in mind, this Saturday Jason, Andy and I are getting together for a 3Twins writing conference where we'll brainstorm ideas, rework some upcoming scripts, and even write some new material.

This is where you as a fan can help us out. If there are any particular Hatman & Indigo stories that stand out to you as funnier, more action packed, or just all around better than the rest, let us know. Or if there are certain stories that just didn't do anything for you, tell us. Or if you have any comments that you think could help us write even better stories, please, say something. We'll take all of your feedback into consideration when we come together Saturday, and maybe your input will have a big impact on our upcoming stories!

Now, in other news, last week I blogged about how it can be discouraging to create comics for 3Twins, believe they're really great, but struggle to get people to come to the site. Well, here's an opportunity for you to help us correct that. There are several websites dedicated to promoting webcomics. For example thewebcomiclist.com, topwebcomics.com, webcomicz.com and comicon.com. With some of these sites, just by searching for the Hatman & Indigo page, you can increase our popularity and potentially drive up our ranking on the site. And in the case of topwebcomics, you can even vote for Hatman & Indigo to move us up the list of top comics.

So we are shamelessly asking you to click here and vote for Hatman & Indigo. In fact, you can go back every 12 hours or so and vote again. And with your help, we can move Hatman & Indigo up the list and hopefully bring in more viewers! And while you're at it, check out some of the other great webcomics on the list and help them find new viewers as well!



  1. Hey guys, thanks alot for sharing your stories. My husband and I just started watching Hatman & Indigo, (because we just go Internet) we are just loving them. I will help you as much as I can and vote for Hatman & Indigo. I just voted and it said you can vote every 24 hours. Hope it helps. GOOD JOB! Miranda

  2. Thanks Miranda!

    And yes, it helps!

  3. Hi, Steve I read most of this blog and i decided that i have not watched much of the comics even though i did a voice. I was trying to find some comics that i have done more recently but i was having a difficult time trying to find them. I got a little confused when i was on the page to click some of the comics, some said part 1 some said part 3, and i couldn't figure out what was suppose to go with what. I really liked how the newer comics i could look at the 2nd page to see who all did stuff for that one comic. I'm just not really sure what parts of the comics go with what... Can you tell me what ones i did voices for so i can just click on those ones? The website has really come along way and it is looking much better! Thanks, Nancy

  4. Nancy, some of the comics you did a voice for have not yet been published. I'll let you know when they do. Right now you are in "Meet the Damsels" "The Damsel Bunch" and "The Damsels."

    As for the numbers and parts, that is something we've played around with a bit. Originally we wanted every full story to be one comic, but then we realized that they would get a bit long, so we started breaking them into 2 and even 3 parts (hence earlier on you see the part divisions).

    More recently we've worked toward making each individual comic stand on its own. However, the stories still progress from one issue to the next. It's sort of like watching a TV show like Heroes or Lost where you really do need to watch them in order - although some stories rely on previous ones more than others.

    That's why in more recent issues there is a "last time on Hatman & Indigo" recap at the start of the issue to catch you up on any important information.


  5. Thanks for the feedback Nancy. Perhaps the story may make more sence if you watch from issue one forward. I know it's a lot, but we do try to make them flow in a logical way.

    It can be confusing to just jump to an issue without seeing the previous ones, that's why we added the recap this year.

    Always looking to improve.

    Thanks again for the feedback,