Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Now that Hatman & Indigo plan on attending the Superhero convention. What do you think will happen?

The story is left open for your interpretation (until the sequential issues are released).

Will Hatman join the Galactic Superhero Force?

Will this be a trap by The Terrible Trio?

Will we meet new heroes or maybe even villains?

Share your thoughts... I always love hearing where our viewers think we are going with a story.

Thanks for your input,



  1. I think Hatman will finally team up with someone else from the superhero convention and leave indigo in the cold. I don't see it as a permanent thing but long enough to stir up their friendship and create a unique story arc. The other heroes will use indigo's animosity towards Hatman and blondes relationship against him. Then at the last minute Indigo will foil their evil plot, come to Hatman’s aid, and for this one time only Indigo will ease up on blonde and Hatman’s relationship.

  2. Ryan, those are great ideas! You'll have to stay tuned to 3twins.net to find out if you were right! We should be releasing a new section of "Superheroes" every single week until its conclusion which should be on October 21st!

    I can't tell you much about whats in store for our heroes but I can tell you it is fraught with twists and turns that will hopefully keep you guessing until the end!

    Thanx for the comment,

  3. So, now that the rest of part 1 is on-line, what do you think about the direction the saga is heading?