Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Uncle Mutzie: Webomic Explorer

Who knew that being a slaughter and legendary quests could be so funny? What am I talking about? The comic "Looking for Group" (PG13+ for violence)

LFG is a fantasy genre comic, so anyone familiar with sword and sorcery novels or World of Warcraft will feel right at home. The tale follows the adventures of an Elven hero Cale and his companions in a world of right and wrong and all the grey in between. For fans of pure mayhem, the most memorable and homicidal character, Richard, is bound to become your new "hero".

I highly recommend you start at the archives and read your way through this one to get caught up the the present. Before you do that, stop by YouTube and check out this inspired musical number staring Richard and produced by Blind Ferret Entertainment*

LFG is related to the more adult-themed (PG13+) "Least I could Do Comic" which is also worth a look.

*more on them in a future post

Excelsior folks!

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