Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blank Label Comics

In ye olde tymes, artists would often gather together in guilds and collectives for mutial support and to encourage their edevors. On the belief that working together is better than going it alone a group of webcomics artists got together and formed 'Blank Label Comics'- a online publisher of their artists titles.

Take a trip over there and you'll find a very disparate group of comics. My three personal favorites are Real Life Comics by Greg Dean- a semi-autobiographical 'slice of geek life', Wapsi Square- a comic that's evolved into a paranormal quest to prevent the end of the world, and ShortPacked- a dysfunctional team of retail co-workers in a toy store. You'll also find Shclock Mercenary and Melonpool- two sci-fi comics, and Ugly Hill- a 'traditional' 3 panel funny-papers offering. These are all SFW, probably PG-12 at worst

Take a stroll over there and take a gander. Next time, we'll look at the 800-pound gorilla of webcomic publishers- Keenspot!


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