Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"PART 2" Hatman goes Back To The Beginning!

This coming week will be the release of the first few pages of "Hatman & Indigo: Back To The Beginning". Which as I stated earlier is a loose parody on "Back To The Future", but what I had not mentioned was that it was a very long and arduous process arriving at the final script. Originally Andy had written a script titled "Time Portal" where Hatman and Indigo follow the Terrible Trio back in time to stop them from preventing his (Hatman's) creation. It was somewhat a loose parody of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" (Andy can elaborate on it a little more). As we try to do with all of our scripts, we went into editing it for content and humor and I thought that it ended kind of too smoothly, so I added onto the end of it some more stuff and made it more like "Back To The Future" and suggested the title be changed to "Back to the Beginning" instead of "Time Portal". Andy and Steve liked that but thought it needed a bit more, so they each added some stuff to the story and then we went back to editing it and we all kept feeling that something was missing so we went into another round of edits and additions. The last draft of this story ended up being a parody of all three of the "Back To The Future" movies and even though it was a very exciting group of adventures, they didn't seem to really feel like one story. So, we shelved the thing for a few months and would just bring it up in discussions every once in a while. What we realized was that because we all loved "Back To The Future" so much when we were kids that we wanted to make sure we did it justice in our parody. So, I sat down and took some notes on what things we all agreed needed to happen in the story and then created an outline which I shared with Andy and Steve and after we were all in agreement, I began to write. I kid you not, one Sunday I sat at my computer and from scratch re-wrote "Back To The Beginning" in one long setting. It was as if my muse was with me that day and the words just flowed from my fingertips and aside from a few minor spelling and grammar edits we are going with the draft I wrote in that day. Even though I'm getting the writing credit on the cover, its really a 3Twins story that we all had a hand in. I hope you enjoy it over the next several weeks as it unfolds.


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