Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anticipation of Comic-con

This Sunday (May 3rd, 2009) Jason, Michael and I will be hosting a booth at the Indianapolis Comic Convention. This will be our fourth time at the Indy comic-con, but I still get anxious.

Promoting something that is purely digital, to the physical world, can be complicated. We usually hook up a laptop to a monitor and speakers, and broadcast comics and cartoons from the booth. Our main purpose is to encourage visitors to our booth to check out the site, and (hopefully) become returning fans.

With each visit to comic-con, our 'brand' becomes more recognizable, but I hope we can continue to stick out, and be memorable. In the past we have given away CD's containing downloads from our site, raffled off posters, and gave out magnets and cards. This year we're trying some different things... "what?" you may ask, "come and see for yourself" is all I can say ;)

Hope to see you there,


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