Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hatman goes Back To The Beginning!

I've been hard at work with one of our all star artists, Michael Lude, on the next exciting Hatman story, "Back To The Beginning". I don't want to give too much away; but, as you may be able to glean from the title, our characters travel back in time to revisit the events of the Origin of Hatman. This is a loose parody of "Back To The Future" (check out bttf.com its a really cool site devoted to everything "Back To The Future") and like my previous parody story, Hatman Clause, it is more a parody of the concept than a plot for plot parody. So, you'll notice some references to "Back To The Future", but it is also going to be a fresh story with its own twists and turns. A riveting story coupled with Michael's stellar art (you can view his most recent feats on Hatman Clause part 3) this is gearing up to be the best Hatman story yet! This will also be the debut of our first story to span 4 issues! We've got some great parody covers planned for parts 2-4 as well, including a fairly large group of variant covers for part 2 which will be direct parodies of the first "Back To The Future" movie box/poster (see image attached to this post) featuring pretty much all of the cast each on their own in the "Marty" pose. (To get an idea of what I mean by "variant" covers, visit Hatman Clause part 2 and once the comic loads refresh it several times to see the cover change, hint there are 3 versions of that cover). As we start to post parts of this story on 3twins.net I will continue to give updates.


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  1. Watch last Sunday's 'American Dad' - lots of B2TF references