Friday, April 17, 2009

Issue 50 cover contest

Depending on exactly how our release schedule works out, our 50th issue of Hatman & Indigo is scheduled to come out this winter (probably somewhere between November and January).

We would like to have 50 unique covers for this, these would be randomly generated at a 2% chance each. Several of our artists from issues past, present and future are working on some, but I'd like to present the option for you, the fans, to submit something as well.

Depending on how many covers we get from our artists will depend on how many of your entries we can display. You will be notified if you get in and we will be looking for things that stand out.

The rules are as follows:

1. The cover must have something to do with Hatman comics

2. No, profanity or vulgarities will be accepted (just remember that we try to keep our website acceptable for families, so aim for a G or PG rating, however, mild cartoon violence akin to what has already appeared in Hatman will be considered)

3. No parody covers will be accepted (we want these to be original)

4. Entries are due by 11:59pm eastern time October 31st 2009 (you may email entries to or if you wish to use snail mail, please email us for mailing information. Snail mail entries must be postmarked by no later than October 31st 2009)

5. Providing rules 1-4 are followed, feel free to express yourself and be creative, we will not divulge the plot of issue 50 (which, if we did would blow your mind) so any and/or all of our characters are free game. (All Hatman & Indigo character's likenesses and logos are trademarks and copyrights of, LLC, and may only be used for the purpose of this contest.)

6. All submissions become the property of, LLC, however the artist will be credited.

Shortly after the issue is released we will provide a gallery page displaying the 50 different covers.

Any questions can be posted as comments to this blog or if you would rather you can email

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