Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Midieville & Star Fetched Update

Even though Star Fetched and Midieville have taken a hiatus, that doesn't mean they're gone for good...

Midieville is getting completely revamped. We will have fresh new landscapes, and a new look to the characters. As you may have guessed this is a long process. We want to bring Midieville up to the level of Star Fetched, graphically. Because of these changes, we will also be retelling the recent story, from a slightly different perspective.

As for Star Fetched: episode 2 is under production. We ran into some snags with the production of episode 1, and are trying to avoid those with the second installment. Things to look forward to: More information about the green alien and the space battle from the first scene of episode 1. Also now that our "heroes" are stuck on an asteroid, what's life on the Pascal going to be like for our five crewmen?

I will post production updates on a regular basis.


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