Monday, March 9, 2015


One of the interesting elements of human nature that I have observed is our need to share. I am completely in favor of this, mind you, but a strange corollary to wanting to spread joy to others is the wish of many to perpetuate bad news or experience. I am not completely knocking that either. Who doesn’t love one of those “my worst day ever” stories? Many great stories have been written and shared through movies and other media based on less than desirable circumstances. What I find disturbing is when sharing drives people to habitually dwell on the negative or resort to gossip.

Books and movies have always relied on conflict to make the story interesting, but the approach will never be to slander or gossip about any real person or event. Of course, you will probably see one character or another lie, cheat, or deal with any number of unpleasant situations, but that is what makes the journey fun as the story resolves. “Our” world is fictional as are its inhabitants. They are free to treat themselves any way they please! It is for that reason that I have hitched my creative wagon to this company and its endeavors. I strive to maintain a posture of respect and appreciation for all of our fans, regardless of their background or preferences. I also don’t wish to disrespect any other creative personnel or performers in other companies that don’t share our views.

So sharing our work is what I hope to do across as wide an audience as possible. That is also where you come in. Please share with others what you like about us. Please share any comments or criticisms with us as you feel inclined. If you reply to any of our blogs, rest assured that we will appreciate your time and opinions as well as politely respond to you the best we can. We ask for the same from you. In the end, we love what we do, and want you to do the same so you will share us with the rest of the world!

Thanks for being with us.

~ Chuck Bedard

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