Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hooked, Line and Sinker

Have you ever begun following a story but then realized you really just didn't care if you ever finished it, so you walked away? Have you ever been so into a story that when it was over you felt sad that you'd never get to experience more?

There's a quality that all storytellers work to capture in everything they do that invokes a connection to their audience: emotion. It was an emotional connection to the fans that made the TV show Firefly a hit, although it ran for only a season; brought Futurama back from cancellation; and made Harry Potter a household name. It's also often what's missing when the best review you can give is "meh."

What about you? What stories "hooked" you so deeply that you couldn't wait to hear more? Or, what stories were so bad that you wanted to like them but just couldn't find it in yourself to care? Now is the time to share your experiences, so sound off in the comment section. 

~Jason Mutzfeld

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