Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fan Tees

I work in a school, and between classes, I am tasked with hall monitoring outside my room. It can sometimes be challenging depending on the day. Between the cursing, inappropriate wardrobe, yelling, running, the occasional tussle or two, and the couples that can be seen milling about, it can be difficult to get through the 5 minutes unscathed.
The highlight, though, is when I see the fan-boy or fan-girl in the crowd. A random Doctor Who shirt or a Deadpool hoodie makes me smile. Even with all the issues on the dark side of student interactions, it does me good to see that fandoms are that that support the same interests I have. It is nice to see fans of both the dark side and the Jedi co-mingling.
The best part of these observations is when I can see the odd cross, or scriptural reference on a shirt. I can smile on the inside as well as the out when I see these members of the fandom of Christ.
                                                                                                            - Whalicoco

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