Saturday, September 20, 2014

Disney Marvel Years Into the Merger

Several years into the merger between Disney and Marvel Entertainment and i, for one, am very excited about what has been brought (and what is in talks to be brought) to the table. What at first seemed to be the imminent "babification" of some very iconic figures, has instead turned into a serious and most lucrative enterprise.
Disney infused much need revenue but let the creative types, comfortable in their vein, stay in that vein...only now with the resources to make bold strides into the multiplex market. Long range focus, respect for the source material (if not dogged adherence) and smart choices for budgeting, direction and acting talent have proved a powerful and (seemingly) very synergistic relationship.  If nothing else, the glaring missteps (though at times well intentioned) of the past (HULK, Daredevil, Ghost Rider) appear to be drifting into the sea of forgetfulness.
I dig it, what are Your thoughts on the Disney/Marvel marriage?

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  1. I dig it too! It really gives me hope in the Disney/Star Wars franchise that it is in good hands. All of the Marvel Studios films that have come out of Disney have really held their own. I'm not big on seeing movies in the theater, but I do make the time to go watch the latest Marvel/Disney flick. Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome!!!