Monday, September 22, 2014

Pop Culture Sales Commercials

The ol’ pop culture car sale commercial. It works, it’s funny –sometimes-, and it is prevalent in this day and age. When the Marvel universe movies are hot, i.e., The Avengers, and when a reboot of Godzilla is on the horizon; why not make a commercial to sell cars with characters from these franchises? Doesn’t Godzilla just scream, “Buy a new car now?”
Over the summer, the radio aired a humorous commercial, a lot that centered on Godzilla, and The Hulk, presumably they mistook a Big Car Sales EVENT for Big Car Salesmen. Both decided to ty and get jobs in sales. However, we do get treated to the wonderful experience of The Hulk yelling, “Hulk smash financing!” Because really, how else would he wheel and deal?
Currently, the radio is airing a commercial staring none other than pop culture icon and Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. It opens with the very familiar respirations of Vader as he goes in to buy a new car. Humorous as it may be, it becomes a bit too corny when he demands special rates and is told that everybody gets those rates. “Okay, then,” he says. But wouldn’t a Sith Lord then demand to get rates better than the rest of us? Why else would you have mind tricks like the Jedi do? That, however, is just my opinion though.
The major drawback for any true fan is that he eventually speaks the line, “Mark, I am your father,” to the salesman. To which Mark replies, “No, my dad is in Florida.” Funny . . . but then the response from Vader is, “Sorry, old habit.” My question is, how can something become a habit when it never really happened before? Am I right? Wink . . . wink . . . nudge . . . nudge.
In the end, even though these commercials were funny, and made me chuckle, it wasn’t enough to make me interested in buying a car. Maybe if I was already in the market, I would be swayed to check them out, but probably not. Humor is nice, but it doesn’t mean, “Best deal.”
                                                                                                            - Whalicoco
(P.S. He actually says, “No, I am your father.”)

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