Monday, August 4, 2014

The Art of Voicing

Many might overlook the voices behind a movie or game, however, there is quite a bit of creative process that goes behind it. Truly, what would the game or movie be without the voices, anyway? In case you are curious, there is typically an audition where the actors have usually developed their prime voice talent beforehand. The voice actors work independently to come up with different voices for the character they are "becoming" and the producer influences them which direction to go. Take a look at the newer family flick, LEGO Movie (which is fantastic, if you haven't seen it) there are multiple main characters who have popular actors behind the scenes. Will Ferrel plays President Business, Liam Nelson is the bad/good cop, and Allison Brie voices for UniKitty (my favorite character), just to name a few. How about you, do you ever come up with silly voices throughout the day? Voice acting might be for you!

UniKitty Clip

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