Monday, August 11, 2014


As we draw closer to the release of the Of Mages & Pages game, I have found myself contemplating the world of the characters. I have studied history in terms of the factual records and the fictional ones. This is where it gets complicated. Do we understand the makeup of the medieval world through the lens of reality, or a combination of concepts gleaned from both historical record and folklore? The fun elements of the game will include many fantasy characters and situations involving magic or powers. I find it interesting to look deeper into where those ideas come from. As science has advanced, we have come to accept many of those elements as entirely fictional or have found physical explanations for what people of the Middle Ages would have deeply believed were real and supernatural.
I certainly have no intention of ruining anyone’s fun, and I am a firm believer in the suspension of disbelief for the sake of a story. In fact, that is the beauty of our work. We can add or subtract, at will, any portions of myth to our story based on the wonderful works of the past. I have posted before that many fictional works have influenced me, and I know that is true for most of the 3Twins’ staff. I also believe we are creating an entertaining and quality product or I wouldn’t be involved. The cool part is how we can invent new situations and twists to set ours apart from the ones we have grown to love. You can reply to any of our posts and be a part of this. What do you think should be included or left out of our world?
Understand your escape!

~ Chuck

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