Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Word on Blogs

Hi I’m the Black Nite. As if me life wasn’t already difficult, what with all the secret missions I complete for the great King Anell, I’ve been asked to rite a bog. I know. It makes no sense to me neither but the message must have been writ by some buffoon ‘cause it said blog, which we all no don’t exist. Me bog is out behind me tower. It’s got a few fish lots of frogs and is quite smelly. Rumor has it some bog witch once spent time there but I ain’t never seen her. That’s about it except I don’t go there much since I don’t like being wet. No one visits me anyhow but if you want to I’ll show it to you if you come here. I have no idea how I’m sposed to rite more about it.
Bye I’m the Black Nite
                                                                                                                         ~ the Black Knight

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