Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where's my broom you ask?

Have you ever wondered why I have an oar instead of a broom? Well I can't tell you too much but I will tell you a tale.  Well, I was traveling as a guide through the red swamp for the greckles. We had just laid to rest for the night and had enjoyed a delicious meal.  One of them picked up what they thought was a simple twig and used it as a toothpick. THAT WAS MY BROOM !!!!!! Gone forever, broken off in his stone teeth.
I couldn't be without anything to fly!  That would be shameful.  So I snuck up to a gathering of polywoggles and snagged an oar from one of their skiffs. I used an enchantment to make it fly! Now,  why does it have a bite out of it you ask?  That's a story for another time...
~ Naaj

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  1. Chomp! Can't wait to read how that happened!!!