Saturday, May 3, 2014

That Doesn't Sound Right

We all know that music sets the mood. It can bring you up or take you down. It can transport you back in time by unlocking memmories. It also annoy you to the point of near maddess.

The choice of music in a media project is as important as the visual elements. You certainly can tell a story and engage your audience wihtout music, but music digs deeper than your eyes can go and bore right into your memory. Anyone who's dealt with an earworm of song knows this to be true.

Here's a example: The trailer for a classic family film with the same visual elements, but different music.  

The change of soundtrack turns a beloved classic into a chilling tale.  Next time you watch 'Jaws' replace John William's shark theme with Benny Hill's 'Yakkety Sax' and you'll never see the film the same way! 

~Jason Mutzfeld

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