Monday, July 28, 2014

Forgotten tales

3twins fans,

We've been teasing our upcoming game Of Mages & Pages for quite some time.  This game picks up shortly after the stories in's Midieville.  These stories were developed from a concept I came up with several years ago.  That early concept involved Marvin, the Blue Wizard, Gidju the Purple Dragon, Xilva the elf, and Komaar, the squire.  Now Marvin and Gidju ended up in the stories of Midieville, but Xilva and Komaar have yet to appear...

Komaar was originally the squire to the Yellow Knight, who had fallen in battle.  After fleeing the battle, he ended up with Marvin, Gidju and Xilva, where he joined their gang as King Mathos' posse.  The story had been planned for Komaar to begin an apprenticeship under Marvin, and he would eventually become a sorcerer.

I don't want to reveal too much about the plans for these unseen characters, but just because we haven't used them, doesn't mean you wont see them someplace in the future.


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