Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year, Hatmaniacs!

Greetings and welcome to 2013 my friends!

Boy was 2012 a real bust for posting new stuff online! 

However, we did get a lot of background things going.  Why just the other day I received the final pages for Zapman Re-imagined Part 2 in the mail!  To the right is a preview of one of those amazing pages illustrated by none other than the sensational S. LaDon Ware!

We recently acquired a new artist, Alex, who will help take us into issue 50 and beyond!  As you may recall, digital coloring of these amazing S. LaDon Ware pages takes me quite some time, so I have been in talks with Alex to see if she would be willing to hand color all three parts of Zapman Re-imagined!

The Hatman Clause Part 1 was hand colored by S. LaDon Ware himself, and I think his art looks amazing hand colored (click the link for a refresher of that amazing artistry).  Alex and I are meeting later this week to discuss coloring the Zapman pages further, so I do not have details yet as to which medium she is interested in using, but I know that regardless of the color medium, the Zapman Re-imagined 3-issue story is really shaping up to be our most beautiful and exciting Hatman adventure yet!

When will you see Zapman Re-imagined completed?  I can't give you any definite answer, but I do hope it will be this year.  Also, I do hope to see the completion of the lost Hatman story: Superheroes, and possibly the return of Ion Bunny in 2013 all leading up to the much anticipated Hatman Issue 50!

Stay hungry for Hatman because so much is on the horizon,


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