Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zapman Preview Page!

Greetings Hatmaniacs!

With the Holiday Season in full swing things have been moving at a snails pace here at 3twins. I thought that since it has been over a month since we released Hatman: The Short Haloween, I would tickle your fancy with a preview of Zapman Remastered Part 1. Which I will be working on over my Christmas break from school!

As you can see by the page to the right, it is still uncolored at this point. We have most of the audio recorded and all of the art is finished for part 1, so the only real hold up is my coloring. As you can see, S. LaDon Ware really pulled out all the stops with his art this time around, drawing this comic in a more wacky/Tex Avery style.

I really love the art on this and I really think this retcon of one of our earliest stories will stand the test of time. If you are familiar with the first Zapman story, you will notice that all of the panels to the right seem to depict events that were previously untold in Hatman lore.

That is one of the things we were so excited about when taking on these earlier stories, the opportunity to add elements we felt were missing. This page, for instance comes right after an early interaction with Hatman and Blonde that we never explored early on. I don't want to give anything away about Zapman Remastered, but those of you familiar with the original will definitely have new material to enjoy in addition to the story following the same vein as its original counterpart.

Zapman Remastered Part 1 boasts some amazingly detailed art, and because of that, coloring will probably take me a while. I am going to be diligent in coloring as soon as my school lets out December 20th. I would like to guarantee a New Years release of this comic, but I can't make that promise. However, I do promise that Andy and I will be working hard to get this done and online as soon as we can. S. LaDon Ware has already begun work on part 2 and that will roll out in the following months.

Until then,
Stay Crazy Hatmaniacs!


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