Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Update!

Andy and I are both taking classes now, which has it's ups and downs. Some of the ups are that soon we will be officially learning how to do what we've been trying to do all along with That is designing a good website! As some of you know, what we have online so far is entirely self-taught and created with less expensive products. Well, Andy and I are both planning on purchasing Adobe CS 5.5 Design Premium which should help give us the added tools to bring you a new and better How long with this take before we have these programs and know how to use them? I'm honestly not sure. We both have been talking about it for a while now, and for the time being we are planning on it as soon as we get the funds.

This brings us to the downs of both of us taking classes, it eats up a great deal of our time. I've explained this briefly in blog posts before, but it is just one of those sacrifices we need to make, so that in the long run, can be better off. This means that the roll out of content is more than likely going to remain at the slower pace we've experienced for the past couple of years. We hope to bring at least two full stories this year, which will equate to six issues of Hatman & Indigo. This year, the plan is to bring you Remastered versions of the origin stories of Zapman, and Super Cold Frozen Man. We will also be reformatting old comics from their current .swf format to files in an added hope to gain some revenue.

Andy and I are also still working on ideas for possibly releasing new Midieville shorts as well as reformatting all of our old Midieville cartoons to the format. Production on Star Fetched episode 2 has been on hold for a while as we decided to possibly change that show to an all-audio format, and we are now considering possibly keeping it as a cartoon, but the work necessary for pulling off Star Fetched is incredibly time consuming. We have some really great stories written for Star Fetched and can't wait to bring them to you, but we ask that you remain patient. Maybe in the meantime I can release a few pages from our earliest Star Fetched scripts to increase your interest! I'll save that for another blog post, though.

As for the immediate future, I have a two week break from school starting this coming Tuesday (12-20-2011) and as I previously mentioned, I plan on working hard on finishing up Zapman Remastered Part 1. I will tease you with more updated images as they are finished.

Until then,
Enjoy the Holiday, Hatmaniacs!

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